Saturday, May 4, 2013

"maybe these are Jane?"

Masih satu edisi dengan yang lalu tapi ini freehand sketch dengan watercolour. On wednesday, suddenly wanted to draw something and walaaaa, I've posted this on my instagram before, check here and follow :P

And thanks so much to people who gave appreciation on this, mwihihihi, I need to learn more and more and moreeee~
So, what do I need to make this drawing? Pencil, watercolour (pentel), and drawing pen.
So guys, just try this when you have spare time. It's very fun, you know, I could not stop it for several days -_-

Judul diatas kayaknya gak nyambung ya, bingung mau kasih judul apa :3

Please do not repost and edited my doodle with my permission, enjoy! 

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