Sunday, July 7, 2013

#1 onde-onde project

It will be 2 months for don't-know-what-to-do-day. And this is what I call holiday. I am not a person who like having activity outdoor. I prefer sitting inside house and doing something that produce something, too, whatever it is, even just a junk writting, food, drawing, or something else. 

So I decide to make a project for my holiday. Call it ondeonde project, one day onde doodle, whatever I draw, freehand or digital doodle or sketch. Moreover, maybe I want to retouch a lil of my studio projects, but forget it. 

Let's just having fun with my friends! Say hello to coreldraw, photoshop, mouse, brush, watercolor, pencil, drawing pens, aaaaaand papers! Wohooooo

This is the first, I guess you've known who's on the picture. Yes, Himawan Jr a.k.a Boram hihihih
I am sorry because the 'lele-mustache' is failed -___-'

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