Friday, November 30, 2012

when you're 19


this is special post for my syupper bestfriend: NOVYA KURNIANIG PUTRI aka OPIK because it's her 19th birthday (while I'm almost 20 -_-)
Chukae Upiiiil!

very very very very very sorry because I can not make any gift for you because of my very-unkind-deadline, mianhae piiiik! :(
From this post you'll now how much I love you, my syupperfriend bwahahak

special wish for opik
hmmmm have long-useful-life, get all you're crazy dreams, your big dreams, your destiny, your slim body (hihi, but it's better if i hope for your health), being manager of_________ or something about it, going to Korea! :D

and always I thankful for you, your kindness, your care, and everything you gave to me
thank you for being someone who always be able to accompany me when someone's gone :(
thank you for being someone who always be to share my crazy-life
thank you for all your support
thank you for your 'dodol' which always makes me laugh




  1. Happy Birthday Opiiiiiiiiiiik :D


  2. waaa baru liat commentnya boram, hahha
    hidup umbaaal! <3
    hip hip! sroooot! X')